How do we follow God’s words?


The meaning of the term “Dominion” can differ from person to person. After all, we all have individualities. But as a general interpretation, Dominion means to rule nature. In other words, humans are in charge of the world on behalf of God.

According to Genesis 1:26-31, God creates humans and gives them the Earth to care for it. “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.” – Genesis 1:28

Right off the bat, this might seem like God is giving authority to humans to act as they please by ruling the earth disregarding the well-being of other forms of life.

Some interpret God’s words literally. Assuming that humans should take every resource in the world and use them only for self-advantage.

However, when God handed over his precious creation, he assigned humans some responsibilities too. He needed us to use it, look after it, and finally protect it.

The real question is how do we exercise dominion consciously? Here are some ways you can follow God’s words in the contemporary world.


Once again, interpretations depend on one’s perspective. But, if God wanted us to rule nature, we should be all ruling it. Isn’t it possible?

If we dig deep into the core of the meaning, we could really see it. God handed power over to us expecting us to be good. Not to abuse power by polluting the air, creating bombs, weapons, or starting wars.

He didn’t want us to ruin his creation by destroying the forests, seas, and murder other living beings. He wanted us to live in harmony, yet taking the dominance over making the world a better place than he originally created it.

In other words, harnessing the raw power of nature to create something new. When you think about it, there is no other form of life to be better at looking after other living beings and nature than humans.

He calls humans the image of God and hands his power over. The power that was once only assigned to kings and leaders was spread across all humanity.


3.1 Being fruitful

Sometimes, you might be ruminating and feeling a little overwhelmed by all these interpretations and expectations. But it is easier to be a gardener, isn’t it?

When you take care of a garden, you water the plants, take care of the butterflies, birds, enjoy the sun, and multiply your plants and trees.

In the same way, we should be fruitful in our lives by doing what we love. We should always be passion-driven. When we achieve this, we should make a family for our own, multiply our kind, and make friends.

This can create neighborhoods and communities of kindred souls. Using nature and other living beings we can create more power.

3.2 Protect God’s creation

God didn’t intend us to harm our enemies but to love them. For example, God speaks about the sea, air, and every other living being on the Earth. He tells us to have dominion over them.

This means, as humans we have a responsibility to take care of our environment. Each human being has been given the power to act as a savior on this Earth.

Take plastic for example. Millions of marine organisms, animals, birds, endangered animals, practically 700 species are killed each year by plastics. On top of that, humans absorb the harmful chemicals that are included in plastics.

This poses a grave threat to humans by altering hormones and causing other potential health issues. Plastic bags and food wrappers may vanish in a matter of seconds after single-use, but they linger around for hundreds of years polluting the environment.

Needless to say, this is not how humans should rule the earth. For instance, imagine the impact we could make if we dwindle the consumption of plastic?

Some companies are already making biodegradable products and switching to natural plastic that is made of Rubber trees. Rubber trees can contribute to producing natural latex gloves, tires, mattresses, etc.

It is pleasant to see that some humans actually try to reap the fruits of nature and use them to improve God’s original creation. As we all possess power, we can substitute reusable plastic in the place of disposable plastic products to diminish the harmful effects.

We don’t necessarily have to be environmentalists to save nature, one step is all it takes to make a change.

3.3 Have authority

We cannot all be kings, presidents, or rulers. But we can change the system if we take control and authority in our hands by voting for worthy leaders. Of course, if we take one human being at a time, the power is decreased.

But take a hundred humans, a thousand or a million? What if a million human beings resisted on voting for greedy, incompetent, and cunning leaders? Can’t we change the world? Aren’t we the rulers then? Yes, we are.

On the other hand, If you’re already a leader, treat the people under you properly. You are a leader for a reason. Do not abuse that power. Use that power to take control and create something new and refreshing. Be the example of the perfect leader, just like God himself for his creation.

3.4 Multiply

Bringing a new life into this world is a way of having dominion over the earth. God needed us to fill the earth with good creations. Just like God, we have the power to create new generations to take care of the world.

However, biological multiplication is not the only way. Spiritual multiplication can be more important than biological multiplication itself because it is natural for all forms of life.

To exercise dominion over creation in spiritual multiplication, it is our duty to spread the good words around our communities to join the light.

This can mean, leaving bad behavior, jealousy, hatred, and practice love and care towards every living being on this earth.


It is evident that God created the Earth for human beings to rule. But that doesn’t mean he created all these other life forms to be tortured and undermined by humans.

He gave humans the dominion, anticipating them to harvest, create, love, protect, and spread joy on the earth for other generations to come. Keep in mind that we are responsible for the Earth’s well-being.

Dominion over creation doesn’t equal abusing power but leveraging that power to create a better world for all beings.

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